Most people buy the home that they walk into and feel the most comfortable in. You know, the home that just feels “homey.” As the seller, your goal is to give that feeling to any potential buyers that walk through your door. Here are 5 simple tips to help make your home feel exactly that way..

Secret #1: The first impression is the only impression

It doesn’t matter how amazing the interior of your home looks, a potential home buyer has already judged your home before even walking through the door. People want to feel welcomed, as they approach the house. Spend a quick afternoon fixing up the outside. Power wash the exterior. I promise you, your home will look brand new after, like you just repainted it all! Plant some inexpensive, brightly colored flowers and/or get a pot to throw some flowers in to put by the front door! Remember, you never have a second chance to make that first impression!

Secret #2: Light it up

Bright lighting is a game changer! Before you start the home selling process, grab a box of new light bulbs and change them out throughout your home! It’s important to make sure they are all the same color. And to really maximize the lighting in your home, during showings, leave all the lights on and open up all of the curtains and blinds!

Secret #3: Organization is key

While walking through your home, every potential buyer is imagining what it would be like for them to live there. Where they would put their things and if there is enough storage for it all. Organize the book shelves, cabinets and even your closets. Making them nice and neat will show that there is more than enough room!

Secret #4: Put away the critters

You may think a cute dog would attract potential buyers, but you are wrong! Not everyone is a cat or dog lover. A buyer wants to walk into your home and see/smell clean! Tip: put away the cat/dog food, any litter boxes. Always be ready to show your house by keeping your home vacuumed up to be sure there won’t be any pet hair lying around.

Secret #5: Choose wisely

When choosing a Realtor to sell your house, pick wisely. You want to be able to trust the real estate agent you choose. After all, for most people, a house is the biggest asset they will ever own. You wouldn’t trust just anyone handling your bank account would you? Equity in a home is like having a bank account with money in it. Except the equity is not liquid like the money in your bank account. You have to refinance or sell your house in order to withdraw the equity. Which is why you want to choose a Realtor that will maximize the sale of your home while reducing your cost of selling.